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That is necessary for the order of manufacturing of suits for performances on art and aesthetic gymnastics, figure skating, synchronous navigation, sports gymnastics and sports aerobics.
If you were already defined(determined) with model of a suit for performances(statements) it is necessary to copy or keep the liked photo of a ready bathing suit, dress (or several) from any our album, further to send on Email: whether  It is desirable to send a photo of your child that we have defined(determined) the given model on a type will approach and on a figure for example there are models of bathing suits or a dress which are looked beautifully and pertinently only on little girls and also on adult girls, but basically all models are universal also them it is possible to make both on little girls and on teenagers.
Modification of figure and model is possible, . in the small size of a bathing suit the design big, and on the contrary can not go in.
As to the price for a product. The prices are specified and beforehand. The price is formed: fabric  quality Italy, Korea, srtasses quantity(amount) and size Swarovski, volume of a list on a fabric (if the list), a machine embroidery is necessary (if complexity of tailoring is necessary). Products (idle time, average, complex(difficult)), growth the child - size of a bathing suit or a dress. For example at growth of the girl 1 meter of 60 centimeters the product twice is more than at growth 110, accordingly for the small size of expenses for account materials srtasses and , twice it is less than on the greater.
 If the individual sketch you should describe color scale of a product, music is necessary (it is desirable to send music on Email: that we could develop sketches) if there is a ready sketch of that model which to you it is pleasant that we can make similar model of a product. Change of color scale of a product is possible!
So we start to work with your sketch and a product!
After the coordination with you of design and all set forth above it is necessary to remove(take off) a measure from the child as it to make it is correctly possible to look in section of a measure. Having filled in the table of measures and having sent her(it) to us on Email: We with you the final price of a product, it will be easier if you write the desirable price for a finished article, the provisional prices for a product you can look in section the Internet of shop on our site.
Further after calculation of cost we expose to you the account on an advance payment. The account we send to you on Email, it(he) needs to be unpacked and paid(be printed out and paid) in any bank. The sum on our account comes during 1-3 working days. After receipt of money, we begin development of the sketch. If the sketch sent by us completely arranges you, we start to embody it(him) during a life! In a case when it is necessary to change or finish the sketch you describe that it is necessary to make, we shall make it and we shall send you the modified sketch.
Further the product is made, the ambassador we send to you a photo of a finished article on a dummy from four parties(sides) a forward part lateral and products if all arranges you also anything to finish that is not necessary is exposed the account on the rest of payment with cost of transfer. After payment and receipt of means, we send a product. For transfer of a product it is necessary to specify the Surname the Name the Patronymic, the exact address, an index, a phone number. After reception of a product by you is necessary to write to us on Email: that you have received it(him) also claims have no. We shall be very grateful to you if you send a photo of your daughter in our product from performances(statements), we with pleasure shall place a photo of future your asterisk on our site in an album our works! There is a program of discounts to order two and more products, as for group performances(statements) .  If at you will arise what or questions, write to us on a site or on Email:, call by phones specified on a site, or come to office and we with pleasure shall answer all your questions.
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